Talent is the only thing

Talent is the foundation of enterprise development and competition. Hongzheng Lian plastic talents are the first resources of enterprises, relying on talents as the fundamental premise of enterprise development, respecting talents as the fundamental criterion of enterprise development, and promoting the common development of enterprises and employees as the fundamental task of talent strategy.

Talent training

Hongzheng United plastic is good at providing all kinds of talents with a full stage to display their talents, so that they can make the best use of their talents. The company encourages employees to develop their own ability and continuous progress, under the guidance of the company's talent strategy and policy, combined with the interests, quality and ability of employees, to provide them with diversified training, for employees to build a sound growth platform.

Common development

Through various effective ways, Hongzheng Liansu continuously improves the level of human resources management and the comprehensive accomplishment of talents, promotes the mutual development of enterprises and employees, and allows employees to share the fruits of enterprise development and achieve common development. Share success.


Recruitment Informations


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